McKinsey Forum 2019

Avalie nosso evento
Avalie nosso evento

About the event

We live in an era in which an extraordinary amount of information is produced, where the ability to extract value from data is critical to profoundly transform organizations and do so at scale.

Innovation, speed, accuracy and productivity: the new frontier for generating impact is the strategic use of Advanced Analytics.

This year's event will present cases of companies that are taking the lead on the topic of Advanced Analytics and discuss them with market protagonists and some of McKinsey's global specialists.


  • 08:00


    Registration and Breakfast

  • 08:30


    Opening Reinaldo Fiorini

  • 08:45


    Marina Cigarini & Jeremy Palmer

  • 09:15


    Candido Bracher & Heitor Martins

  • 10:05


    Breakout Session 1

  • 10:45


    Coffee Break

  • 10:55


    Breakout Session 2

  • 11:50



  • 12:40


    Painel 1 – Big Companies

  • 13:45


    Breakout Session 3

  • 14:25


    Coffee Break

  • 14:35


    Breakout Session 4

  • 15:20


    Painel 2 - Startups

  • 16:10


    Bob Sternfels & Nicola Calicchio

  • 16:40


    Interview: Doug Beck & Heitor Martins

  • 17:15


    Closing: Heitor Martins


I could not subscribe to the link sent. How do I sign up?

Please send an email to Someone from the organization team will be in touch.

I would like to participate in the forum. How do I subscribe?

We have limited vacancies for the forum, but please send an email to informing your interest in participating.

Do we have to pay something?

There is no cost or fee for participation in the full schedule of the event. The sole costs for participants will be transportation costs (airline tickets, taxi and/or parking) and lodging, if necessary.

What are the event’s courtesies?

During the event coffee breaks and lunch will be served to guests, with water and coffee at will. We will also have Internet available.

When will we receive the detailed schedule?

All information about the forum (agenda/speakers) will be emailed and made available on our website.

Can I invite more executives from my company?

Yes. We require an email to, including the following information: Full name, position, company, email and CPF/ID.

Can I send a representative? ("I had a setback")

Yes. We require you to send an email to, including the following data: Full name, position, company, email and CPF. Or, if you prefer, just send us the full name, email and position within the company so we can directly send the invitation and start the registration.

Do you have on-site parking?

On-site parking is available; The costs will be covered by the participant.